Having a PROANE in your company is synonymous with having a young, qualified, committed, engaged and able to face daily challenges person.


After going through a challenging selection process (more than 26 candidates/vacancy), intensive training, where we work on socio-behavioral, technical, cultural skills and fundamental practical experiences for the beginning of professional and academic life, our young people are ready to make a difference on your team!


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Employers' Testimonial

Having young people from PROA working in companies in the Via ecosystem is a source of pride for us. They are committed young people, with a protagonist attitude and always enthusiastic to face the challenges."

Natália Menezes

Social Investment at Fundação Casas Bahia

During the selection process, we already noticed the difference of PROANES! They are young people with an indescribable potential, dynamic, sure of themselves and their goals, but open to learning more and more."

Amanda Rodrigues

Human Resources at Vigor

Together with PROA, we have built a job market full of opportunities and more inclusive. The young people trained in the program are full of desire to make a difference and having them with us is undoubtedly a valuable exchange.”

Lidiane Rocha

Human Resources at A.C.Camargo Cancer Center