What will you learn?

Module 1

Self-Awareness - 20 hours

Module 2

Career Planning - 20 hours

Module 3

Professional Project - 20 hours

Module 4

Logical Reasoning - 20 hours

Module 5

Communication - 20 hours

Module 6 - Optional

Administration Technical Trail – 50 hours
Data Analysis Technical Trail – 50 hours
Retail Technical Trail – 50 hours
Logistic Technical Trail – 50 hours

For whom?

For those who want to get their first job


  • Living in the States of São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro
  • be between 17 and 22 years old
  • To be attending or have completed the 3rd year of high school in a public school
  • Want to get your first job



3 months


1:30 a day at the best time for you
Online class on Wednesdays


PROA Certificate

100% free and on-line

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What is it to be PROANE?

“I want to be a professional who shows people who come from the same place as me that the path I took is possible, just believe and go for it. I am very grateful to PROA.”

Larissa Cristina Dias Abrantes

Style Intern at C&A Brasil

“Because of PROA, I got my first job at a multinational, I found an undergraduate course with whom I really identify, and I got to know tools that helped me get into college!”

Julia Roberta Klein

Student of Public Administration at FGV

“I am a channel for change not only for my life, but for my family’s life. If I get a solid career, I’ll help my parents and guarantee them what they didn’t have.”

Robert Santana Santos

Architecture Student and Intern at Cyrela